Thursday, July 17, 2014

My Garden

Sometimes I think I'm Snow White or Cinderella...really any Disney princess who has animals following her around.  I have rabbits, squirrels, birds, tree frogs, ground squirrels, a raccoon, cats, and dogs who all visit my backyard regularly...even when I'm out in it.  (I've named the ones who come to visit me regularly.) Now, I have a turkey that comes to visit me in my backyard. (Disclaimer:  I don't live in the country.  I live in a house in a neighborhood about one mile from the nearest expressway.)  Maybe they visit me because they know I won't harm them.  (I never, ever kill spiders...I relocate them outside.)  Maybe they visit me because I name them. Maybe they visit me because I talk to them.  Maybe they visit me because they know I'd be a vegetarian if I wasn't too lazy to make two for me and one for meat-loving Matt.  Maybe I should start wearing gowns and sing to them.
Meet Thomas...the latest addition to my backyard brood.
Because of the animal farm I seem to be creating, I didn't want to plant a garden and have it turn into a litter box or a snack bar for the animals.  So, while searching online for some different planting options, I came across this gem:  a vertical herb garden.  Matt built it for me and put in lots of herbs and a few small plants.  I just hope the next animal to join my menagerie isn't a deer or a giraffe...yet.