Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Lovely Ludington

We enjoyed a lovely weekend up in Ludington...even with all the mosquitoes.  Matt did some fishing, we played some pinball while checking out downtown Ludington, we enjoyed another gorgeous sunset on Lake Michigan, and we went kayaking on Hamlin Lake.  I must be getting better at my paddling because Matt asked if I was mad at him since I was way ahead of him in the lake.  I'm really not a water sport enthusiast. I'm more of a pool girl who likes to just float in the pool...and the water has to be at least 82 degrees.  My idea of kayaking is gracefully stepping in my pretty pink kayak on shore and having Matt gently push me into the water so I don't actually have to touch any water. ( poop.)  Then, the most extreme kayaking I like is a gentle rocking motion while in the water.  I really don't like any rapids or frantic maneuvering where there's a chance I could tip.  (Again, poop.)  Maybe I should just put the kayak in the pool and enjoy both worlds.