Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Working Weekend

We FINALLY opened the pool last Thursday night.  I was able to wash down the driveway and then get the cover thoroughly scrubbed on Friday...much to my delight because I believe my neighbors think I'm crazy when they see me washing down the driveway every year.  When they see the cover spread out on the driveway later, it helps to explain away some of my OCD cleaning insanity.  (Well, kind of.)   It only took three days in the blistering sun and ten hours with the power washer to get our deck all sparkly clean...just in time for the next couple days of rain and thunderstorms.   I also pulled one over on Martha Stewart and did a little of what I call redneck sewing in the garage over the weekend.  I used an extension cord to plug in my sewing machine on a flipped-over bucket while sitting on a college-dorm-room-leftover recliner in the garage to sew straps back onto our RV cover.  Seriously.  All I needed was Daisy Duke shorts, a tube top, cowboy boots and it definitely could have been true redneck sewing in all its country-music-listenin', tobacco-chewin', NASCAR-lovin' glory.  
Keaton was in his techie glory and put his newly-acquired college computer skills to good use and built his very own computer.  He ordered all of the components separately and then spent Thursday night and some time on Friday night to put it all together.  Everything works and none of the lights dimmed, so life here is good.  Except for when he blew a fuse and my oven died right in the middle of cooking dinner.  But, everything is now back to working order and life is better than good.  It's great...I discovered the frozen alcohol slushies.  I'm trying all the flavors...twice just to be sure I can decide which one I like best.  I'm leaning toward Bahama Mama at this point, but I still have a few more flavors to try.  Twice.  Maybe three times just to be sure.

Keaton's girlfriend and I enjoyed a frozen cocktail while cheering him on during his computer building project.
Keaton's tower and all the stuff that makes a computer run.

Installing the cooling fan and other stuff.

Installing more stuff.

Putting all the stuff into the tower.
(And yes, I think that "stuff" is the technical term.)

Wiring all the stuff.
(I love the headlamp.)

Ta da! It works!!