Friday, May 31, 2013

My Animals

I love animals and seriously would be a vegetarian if I wasn't lazy and didn't want to cook two different meals.  (Heaven forbid when I tried 'meatless Mondays'.  That didn't go over well.  Then, it's a serious dinner dilemma for Matt if I make spaghetti without hamburger in it.  Sigh.)  I did quit eating red meat for about six months after reading a Robin Cook book that totally scared me.  (Not a cookbook...a book by Robin Cook.  I have to be careful about reading books by him because they're scary for a paranoid germophobe like me.)  Matt's a total carnivore.  I'm just thankful he doesn't eat anything rare.  That is so gross!

So, my love of animals has grown over the years and I'm happy to say that we have some animals who come into our yard to visit me.  I've named them (of course) and talk to them every day.  We have George (the rabbit); Chubs, Skittles, Tiny, and Slim (the squirrels...and yes, I can tell them apart); lots of birds; and a pair of raccoons I've named Phil and Lil.  Chubs is my favorite.  He's not afraid of me and actually comes up to the patio door to peek inside the house.  He even comes up on the deck railing if I sit outside on the deck.  Cyrus isn't crazy about Chubs.  I don't think it's because he doesn't like Chubs.  I think it's more like Cyrus doesn't want to share any of my attention.  Keaton recently said that he's half expecting the animals to be living inside the house whenever he comes home.  Silly guy...they'd have to be potty-trained first.

This is George.

This is Skittles.
This is Chubs.
The other squirrels didn't come over for their photo op. 
The raccoons are cute, but need to be relocated to a different home.