Monday, May 14, 2012

Pinball, Flooding, & A Monkey...Oh My!

Last Saturday, Matt and I loaded up a trailer with 15 blankets and headed down to southern Illinois.  Very early in the 5:22 a.m.   After a nearly eight-hour drive, we arrived to much warmer temps in the 90s to pick up six more pinball machines. read that correctly...6 more.  They're vintage ones that Matt is planning to restore.  I'm thinking that it's time to start looking for another house with either a bigger basement or another garage!

Machines loaded up in the trailer.
Now we just have to figure out which legs go to which machine.
(Oh, and move them all so I can park in the garage again!)

In other news of the past week, I was not pleasantly surprised to step in water in the basement.  We've had issues with the front outside water spigot and don't leave it on.  Well, except for Matt.  I spent hours with my new carpet cleaner vacuuming up seven containers of water from the carpet.  I'd say the carpet cleaner has paid for itself already.  The good news is that nothing was ruined, I got a really good workout for my arms, and now we can reorganize the storage closet!

4 hours + 7 full containers = one grouchy lady!

Mother's Day was spent with my two favorite guys in the whole-wide world.  Keaton got me a pretty plant with orange flowers and attached six Snickers bars to the base of the plant.  Full-sized Snickers...yay!  Matt finally got me something I've always wanted my whole life:  a monkey.  Well, not a real-live monkey, but a black diamond monkey pendant.  Diamonds are always a great gift, but diamonds that are on a monkey...well, it just may not get any better than that!