Friday, March 14, 2014

Welcome Back!

Welcome back!  Holy cow...I think I forgot I even had a blog.  I won't go into too much detail as to how we've spent the past few months because I don't want to cause the site to crash by posting a gazillion pages.  So, here's a quick and simple overview of some fun we've had:
November:  Thanksgiving and the beginning of basketball season.

First bball game of the 2013-2014 season.

Cute little peanut butter pumpkins I made for Thanksgiving dinner with the families...and got left behind at our house.  I think Matt finally finished eating them last week.  ;-)

December:  More basketball, Christmas, shoveling snow, & pinball.

We enjoyed Christmas day in our jammies and didn't feel like getting dressed, so we ordered Chinese food for dinner and watched Christmas movies.  It was AWESOME!
Matt added two more pinball machines to his collection:  Dr. Who & Demolition Man.
They're now spilling out into the family room.

January:  Even more basketball, even more snow to shovel, and a trip to the E.R.

The pile of snow along our driveway was up over Matt's head at nearly 7 feet back in January.  I stopped measuring after it was at 12 feet.  That's a lot of snow we've shoveled...and by 'we' I mean I've personally shoveled 80% of it, including the neighbor's driveway. Whew!

No, Matt didn't dislocate and fracture his pinky shoveling as most would suspect with all our snowfall so far. His trip to the E.R. was a result of playing basketball.

February:  More shoveling of (insert expletive of your choice here) snow, and the last days of basketball.

Keaton received a Senior Leadership Award from his college.

Senior Day

First basket of the game!

They had big heads of the three seniors on the team that the student section waved during the game.
We put them in his bedroom windows when we got home. ;-)

Pre-game dunking at the final game.
March:  Snowshoeing, basketball banquet, and more shoveling of snow.  If I have to do any shoveling in April or May, I'm moving to the southern hemisphere...or Matt will have to buy a snow blower to keep me in Michigan.  Our seasonal total (so far) is over 112" at this point, so I'm seriously done shoveling for the rest of the year!

South Haven, MI

We visited Lake Michigan via the Saugatuck State Park with some friends.
The beach looks much different in the winter than it does in the summer!
So, we ended our last days of basketball with a banquet on Sunday.  I made: 3 jersey frames and 3 scrapbooks for the seniors, 1 photo book for the coach's son, 23 photo collages and 23 slide show DVDs for the players and coaches, 9 centerpieces, and 2 balloon bouquets (well, Matt made them).   

I'm going to miss basketball and taking all my pictures of the team.  I'm even going to miss making protein bars.  I made 896 of them this year.  That's a lot of mixing, pressing into the pans, and cutting.  You should see my right bicep!

About 45 jars of peanut butter + 45 canisters of oatmeal + 68 bags of chocolate chips + 16 jars of honey + 12 protein powder canisters + 6 bags of flax seed = 896 protein bars!!