Thursday, June 13, 2013

Thursday Things

Whew, it's been a busy week...and it's only Thursday!  We took a trip down to Kalamazoo and loaded up the Durango and trailer with Keaton's college-life necessities on Sunday.  (It's amazing how much he can fit in a small space!)  He took a couple of finals and headed home with his vehicle full of the rest of his dorm-sweet-dorm stuff on Tuesday.  He remarked how much quicker moving back home and getting unpacked and organized was this time.  (I don' think he took into account that his favorite parents in the whole, wide world already moved and unpacked 2/3 of his stuff on Sunday!)  So, after cleaning three area rugs and a chair, washing six loads of laundry, cleaning every tote that came into the house, and strategically stacking his stuff in the basement I'm happy to say he's happily settled.

Last night (before we decided to hang out in the basement while the tornado sirens were screeching), Matt installed ANOTHER new dishwasher.  No, we're not collecting dishwashers.  (Matt does seem to be collecting tractors though, but that's another story.)  So, the brand-new dishwasher we bought and installed a couple of weeks ago died.  After one use.  ONE.  The repair service the company uses told us it would be six weeks before they could come out.  SIX WEEKS.  Yeah, right.  Other service centers didn't service our area.  (It's so frustrating because it's not like we're in the middle of no-man's-land...we're between Kalamazoo and Grand Rapids, which were actually established, domesticated, civilized cities the last I heard.  Shoot, I heard they even have that new-fangled internet thing now.)  Anyway, we decided to return the dishwasher and try our luck with another manufacturer.  It was delivered yesterday and it's now running its first load.  (My dishpan fingertips are thankful!)  While Matt was installing it, I decided to let my creative juices flow and I made some magnets to put on our new metal map of the U.S.  I made two different logos:  one for the states we've visited by RV and one for the states we've visited by plane.  We have 11 more states to visit and then it'll be time to conquer the rest of the world!