Friday, June 7, 2013

Recipe Reunion

Years and years and YEARS of recipe collecting, sharing, and copying created a huge pile of yummy things to try.  But, it also created some paper overflow.  My little recipe box got so full that things spilled over into a second recipe box.  Then, recipes started to spill out of the second box.  I was not about to get a third recipe box.  My solution:  I bought a big cute box, made cute little dividers, and finally got all my recipes happily living together in one happy little home.  This has been bugging me for years.  It's funny what drives some people crazy.  Disorganization is definitely at the top of my list.  Well, maybe not at the top of my list, but definitely in the top 100 after: impolite people; people who don't use their turn signals; inconsiderate people; people who throw cigarette butts out the vehicle window; people who don't recycle; people who don't use personal water bottles (and those who only drink bottled water and think they're doing good by recycling them, but in reality create more energy to be used by having them recycled when they could just use one water bottle and just wash it daily instead of wasting energy to have dozens recycled); people who don't pick up after their dog; people who let their dog pee in my front yard while walking it; people who let their dog bark relentlessly OUTSIDE all day, every day; and the list could go on an on and on.  Maybe I really do need to be medicated...or I need to live on an island, far away from some of my neighbors.
I found this box at Hobby Lobby...and it coincidentally also matches my tablecloth!

All my recipes...reunited in one place at last!!
(Well, my handwritten recipes.  The ones I printed from the computer are in binders.)

All my recipes downloaded from the computer, printed, and neatly organized!