Thursday, March 7, 2013

Another Project...with Minimal Bleeding and No Falls

Keaton doesn't like having so many pictures of himself around the house...especially baby pictures.  (I don't know's not like I put the naked-baby-butt pictures out in view.  Those are all tucked safely away in the scrapbooks for his future embarrassment.)  So, to help him like me, I decided to replace the baby pictures going up the stairs with a reminder on how to spell his last name.  This should earn me a really nice card and maybe even some candy for Mother's Day!

Cyrus enjoyed a long, leisurely nap on his beloved pillow while I tried not to bleed all over the frames as I hand-washed all the glass in the sink or tried not to fall down the stairs while putting the frames back on the wall.  He decided to nap only on one pillow today, but still used the other pillow as a back rest.